Bodycam footage of ‘ER’ actor Vanessa Marquez’s 2018 shooting death released

Warning: This article contains disturbing and graphic content. Please read at your own discretion.

On Monday, authorities released body camera footage of the shooting death of actor Vanessa Marquez after authorities responded to an emergency medical call in August 2018.

A report from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office was also released, which said the two officers involved acted in self-defence when Marquez pointed a handgun at them after they responded to the call.

Police officers were called to Marquez’s home by a landlord to check on her welfare — reports say the 49-year-old appeared to be mentally unwell — and when they arrived midday, she was having seizures and appeared dishevelled and unable to care for herself. Officers called paramedics and a mental health specialist to the scene, and they continued to try to communicate with her for 90 minutes.

At one point, things escalated and Marquez armed herself with a gun and pointed it at the officers. It was later determined the gun was a replica firearm.

In response, the police claim, they opened fire, unaware at the time that Marquez wasn’t brandishing an actual handgun. This was later confirmed by Sheriff Lt. Joe Mendoza of the South Pasadena police. She was shot, and ultimately pronounced dead at the hospital.

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