Bloke furious as British Gas ‘absolutely shred’ his second name whilst laughing

A fuming bloke who says British Gas “took the mick out of him” over his name has slammed the company for their “absolutely terrible” remarks.

Ian Deadman, 31, was looking for an explanation as to why £300 had been added to his bill – but instead was met with howling laughter at the other end of the phone.

The Stagecoach bus driver told the Sun Online: "She said 'your name is Deadman but you're not dead'.

"She was proper taking the p*** out of my name… she absolutely shredded me.”

Raging Ian, from Southwark in south east London, pointed out that British gas is making eye-watering amounts of money at the same time as families are struggling to pay their energy bills.

Although he took it as a joke at first and told the call handler he was “alive and kicking” – which prompted even more hysterics – after their conversation he fired off an email.

Ian continued: "All I was trying to do was change my meter from a monthly one to a pay as you go and she just laughed.

“Any other time I would probably shrugged it off but I feel like they're ripping me at the moment.

"As a business like that, dealing with my money, charging me and my home – I just don't think it's appropriate."

But sadly it isn’t just British Gas who take the mick out of the Deadman family name – Ian said his four kids have to put up with comments at school too.

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He tells them they should be “proud” of their name and not listen to negative comments.

A British Gas spokesperson promised the comment wasn’t meant to be “malicious” and said: “We have spoken to the customer to apologise for any offence caused and assured him that feedback will be given to the call centre agent he spoke to.

"We have also confirmed that his billing is correct and up to date and we have booked an appointment for him to have his meters exchanged to prepayment meters as requested.”

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