Bloke, 31, travels length of Britain in world’s smallest car

A man has made the famous journey from one end of the UK to the other – John O'Groats to Land's End – in an unbelievably tiny car.

Alex Orchin, 31, undertook the epic journey in a vehicle which travel at no more than around 23mph.

The journey, which began on November 13, took three weeks to finish in the modest motor.

According to Google Maps, the trip should take no longer than 14 hours and 34 minutes – dependent upon traffic.

Alex took the journey in a Peel P50, which is the world's smallest car, produced in 1962.

The one-door coupe, which has rear-wheel drive, was originally made from 1962-1965.

But after it was showcased on BBC's Top Gear in 2007, production of electric versions of the car began in 2010, with a petrol model re-entering the market in 2011.

Alex completed his journey on Saturday, having travelled the 1,400 miles in the tiny car, which is no mean feat given his size – 5ft 11in.

The car only measures 137cm in length, and is around 99cm wide.

It also only weighs 130lb, which could have proved a major issue during the recent storms Arwen and Barra.

The driver from East Sussex, who raised £8,000 for Children in Need through the trip, said: “I can’t believe that little car has managed it.

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“The reception we've had from start to end has been incredible.

“I remember one time a vehicle overtook me with the hazards on, and he was flagging me down and I thought I was in trouble.

“He came to the window and he gave me a donation, saying 'I love what you're doing, I've seen you on the news, thank you so much'.

“People have bought me fuel, they've bought supplies for the road, it's been the most remarkable experience.”

Alex also took time out at every stop to play music on a variety of instruments, including the Highland bagpipes.

The car was bought five years ago from another car enthusiast who built it from a car it.

He said: "I enjoy driving it so much and it makes people of all ages really happy.

“When they see it they laugh, they point, they take pictures, they ask questions, they absolutely adore it."

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