Black Labrador dog performs tapdance excitedly in adorable Reddit video

A dog has charmed Reddit users with its antics after a video of it tapping its feet in pure unbridled excitement went viral.

In the clip, a black Labrador called Apollo performs an odd tap dance with his four paws while excitedly wagging his tail and panting.

Unable to contain his joy any longer, the dog then starts to leap into the air while he waits for his owner to throw him a frisbee.

The adorable video has been up-voted more than 52,000 times since it was shared today on Reddit with the caption: "Those are some serious tippy taps!"

However, the clip was initially posted on Instagram by apollo_blacklab seven days ago.

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Showing their appreciation, a smitten dog-lover on Reddit wrote: “Oh my goodness. I didn't think this could be real, but it totally is.”

Another viewer wrote: “When you're so excited you can can't even control your body. I wish I could get even 1/2 this excited about anything these days.”

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Joking about the dog’s enthusiasm, a third fan wrote: “I'm ready. Throw the ball. I'm ready. Just throw the ball already! I am ready!”

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