Binman chucks woman’s rubbish onto floor after she ‘complained over collection’

A fuming binman was filmed dumping a woman's rubbish outside her home after she complained about a missed collection.

The woman, who lives in Burdiehouse, Edinburgh, confronted the council worker who emptied the contents of her green general waste bin on the kerbside grass just outside her home.

Video taken earlier this month on March 4 shows the binman putting the rubbish back into the bin while the raging resident claims the waste collector purposely skipped her collection.

The man leaves out two boxes of soup and one glass bottle while putting other back into the bin.

"That is at the bottom of my bin," the woman can be heard yelling. "You just physically emptied my whole bin on the floor, to basically find these things. That's an absolute joke."

The worker replies: "Yeah and you're putting our jobs at risk."

According to Edinburgh Live, the woman's dad said the issue was ongoing for around 18 months and the incident happened after she submitted a complaint about missed waste collections at her property.

He told the site: "On the day this happened her bin was missed again and she went on to the web to complain. They were then told over radio to go back and get it.

"When he got there he started shouting and bawling. He tipped her bin out in the middle of the road.

"This was later on, and he showed up without the truck or anything.

"There's no way he could've known that glass bottle was in there without emptying it out. It was down at the bottom of the bin, so that can't be the reason [it wasn't emptied initially]."

He added that the council had moved the binman to another run elsewhere after the incident.

A spokesperson for the City of Edinburgh council told Daily Star: "“We’re aware of the complaint and the footage and we’ve been in touch with the resident directly.

"As this relates to an ongoing investigation, it wouldn’t be appropriate to comment further."

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