Biden braced as midterms threaten to trigger a ‘political crisis’

US midterms could trigger ‘political crisis’ says Andrew Neil

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President Joe Biden is braced for political turmoil as midterm elections loom over America. The President has been warned he could face a crisis “much worse” than the January 2021 Capitol attack if voters are not reasonably satisfied with the result. The news comes as a number of Trump-backed candidates look set to secure spots in Congress and the former president hinted at a 2024 return to the forefront of politics.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, political commentator Andrew Neil warned the American political system could soon deteriorate into the chaos witnessed after the last presidential election. 

He reported: “Democracy requires two things to work: It requires a winner and secondly it requires the loser to recognise the winner. In 2020, that didn’t happen. 

“Donald Trump wouldn’t recognise the winner and a lot of people who think like him are about to be elected to the congress and to state legislature who determine how you count and certify presidential elections in the United States. 

“You also have a bunch of people on the left of the Democrat Party who think if it is very close they will do a Donald Trump, they will not accept the result. This is why I think there is a danger of a political crisis in America.”

The 2020 presidential election saw Trump ousted as Joe Biden took the White House, prompting a mob of fierce Trump loyalists to storm the Capitol amid accusations that the contest had been rigged.

The attack aimed to keep Trump in office by preventing a vote count which would formalise the election victory of President Biden.

Mr Neil reported: “If the result is close in 2024 for the next President, the side that seems to have lost may not accept the result. 

“We saw what that led to on January 6 2021, it could be much worse this time.”

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The midterm elections are held every two years and fall in the middle of the current President’s four-year term

The election will decide the fate of all the seats in the House of Representatives and one-third of the positions in the Senate.

The Democrats have held the majority in both the House and the Senate for the last two years, which has enabled the party to push through key legislation without major opposition.

However, the midterms are set to be a tight contest and the Democrats risk losing their narrow majority which could complicate the process of getting core policy through the American political system

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Polling from FiveThirtyEight indicates the Republicans are currently favoured to win the House of Representatives, although data concerning the Senate suggests it will be a dead heat between the two leading parties.

Polling data has also indicated that President Biden’s popularity has fallen among voters, threatening the legitimacy of his leadership within America.

Reports have suggested Biden’s former rival Donald Trump could launch his third bid for the White House later this month if the Republicans achieve a strong result in the midterms.

Mr Neil described a selection of “frankly dodgy” Trump-backed candidates in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania that have a real chance of securing seats for the Republican Party.

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