Beloved dog shot dead in back garden as family watched on in horror at CCTV

The family of a beloved golden retriever watched on over CCTV as their dog got shot and killed as he played in their back garden while they were out.

Jessica Millsaps, her husband Jordan and their two sons were on a short camping trip when their dog Jack was shot and killed.

The Millshaps had ventured just 20 minutes away from their in Axtell, Texas, choosing to leave their pup behind.

Jordan checked on the dog via CCTV and was shocked to find Jack laying motionless on the ground.

He grew disturbed when the dog did not respond to their calls from a microphone attached to the camera.

The family then scrolled back to the previous evening and disturbingly saw Jack dragging himself across the garden before collapsing and dying.

Jordan rewound the device to the previous evening, and the family head a gunshot "loud and clear" at around 7.45pm.

Writing on Facebook, distraught Jessica said: "We literally saw him get shot in broad daylight in our backyard, six yards from my back door."

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Jessica then called her mum to go check on Jack, who confirmed the dog had died, telling KCEN TV her heart was ripped out of her chest in that moment.

She said it was very difficult to tell her two sons that something had happened to their dog as it had been "their best friend."

The mum said her nine-year-old "just lost it" and "fell to the ground" and claimed the pup was part of their family, not just a dog.

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The family had left the dog with "plenty of food and water" for the evening while the group went camping.

He even had free roam of their seven acre back garden and said Jack usually kept within a 90-foot radius of the house.

Parnell McNamara, the McLennan County Sheriff, told KVUE the force are investigating the case "very thoroughly."

Adding: "We have assigned a couple of people in our criminal investigation division that are working on this."

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