Beast with ‘red glowing eyes’ terrifying UK town killing livestock

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A mystery beast with red glowing eyes is terrifying locals – in Bolton.

Residents have dubbed the giant dog-like creature the Rivington Pike Beast – and some compare it to a werewolf.

It is said to prowl the moors attacking sheep and wandering into nearby towns.

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Two rabbit hunters found a dead sheep still steaming in the moonlight and heard a rumbling growling sound.

Alarmed, they shone their torches into the darkness and claimed to see a dark stocky shape with reddish eyes.

One of the witnesses said: “The remaining sheep in the field had flocked together, looking scared and worried.”

Last summer, a dad on the school run in nearby Adlington spotted a huge dog-like creature running across a field at “incredible” speed and reported the sighting to the Winter Hill Investigation Team.

Investigator Mick McLaren said: “This witness is different from the others. This is our first where our witness has seen in daylight what this beast looks like.”

This news comes after a fisherman was left horrified after spotting a "half-man, half-dog" creature on the riverbank.

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With the creature being caught on camera in San Benito, Texas, the fishermen were heard questioning what the animal actually was, with one asking whether it was a dog.

The origin of the creature left people in the comment section of the video stumped which left some suggesting it was a "dogman" – a mythical creature described as being half-human, half-dog.

According to Beasts of the World author Andy McGrath, he watched the footage and said it was hard to judge on what the creature actually was.

He said: "This footage, although compelling, is pretty hard to judge. The distance at which the creature stands away from the witnesses makes a positive identification of hoax or hungry Wolfman impossible.


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