Bears charge at terrified crowd as they’re released back to the wild from cages

A group of people had to dash for safety after six Syrian brown bears being released back into the wild charged at them.

The animals had been taken in blue steel cages to the mountainous Gara region of northern Iraq by the American-Kurdish Cooperation Organisation to be released back into the wild.

Each bear was lined up facing the snowy wilderness with a group of spectators including police, reporters, and members of the general public watching on.

A member from the group opened the cages one by one before the bears darted from the steel structure into the mountainous range in front of them.

One of the bears appeared to be spooked by the audience and turned around and charged at the crowd that had been eagerly watching the release.

In pictures from the release, one of the brown bears can even be seen attempting to get back into the cage as a handler stands on top.

Another snap shows the animal looking off not the distance with a huge crowd watching on in the distance.

The ferocious animal really showed people what they're made of in another snap however, with several men, some of whom were wearing face masks, were snapped running for safety.

Despite the sheer size of the bear, some of the men can be seen laughing at the scene before them, while others are obviously scared.

Blend Prevkani, who was in charged of the operation, said some of the animals had been "bought" out of captivity by the American-Kurdish Cooperation Organisation.

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He said: "The bears were brought from areas in southern Iraq.

"Some of them were bought, while the others were given to us by their owners."

Syrian brown bears are near-extinct from their natural habitat and the release was the organisation’s third attempt to reintroduce them to the wild.

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