BBC Weather warning: Powerful Atlantic cyclone hurtling towards Europe this weekend

BBC Weather’s Helen Willetts warned an areas of low pressure will bring strong winds and heavy rain to central Europe while there is an increased avalanche risk in the Alpine region. While severe weather Europe has warned of a cyclone which is likely to bring high waves. Meteoalarm currently have weather warnings for high winds across central Europe.

Ms Willetts said: “March has started on an unsettled note as well, still relatively mild for most parts but you can see the cloud streaming in.

“We’ve got further low pressures waiting out across the Atlantic.

“As we go into Thursday, we’re got an area of low pressure moving in. Fairly strong winds as well.

“More heavy rain in saturated areas, more heavy snowfall that adds to the increased avalanche risk in the Alpine regions.

“Also we will see some further snow, further rain and mountain snow and some heavy rain Wednesday and into Thursday across the Balkans.

“It remains unsettled across Scandinavia.”

She continued: “Still some very exceptional weather around and yet unfortunately more rain where we don’t need it across saturated grounds.”

Severe Weather Europe meteorologist Marko Korosec has forecast an intense cyclone moving across the Atlantic towards Europe.

Mr Korosec said: “The new system forms over the northeast US on Friday as an upper wave pushes from Canada.

“This leads to the rather rapid development of a surface low, organising into a powerful system and expanding fast while moving into Northwest Atlantic on Thursday.

“Models are then hinting a secondary low forming ahead of this system, centered near the southeast coast of Greenland on Saturday.

“The overall setup will develop a broad and strong flow towards western Europe.


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“Additionally, there will also be another intense cyclone forming along the northeast US over the weekend and cross the Newfoundland on early Sunday.”

He added: “The system will develop a broad field of strong gale to hurricane-force winds, spread across the whole Northwest Atlantic through Thursday and Friday.

“Over the weekend, the cyclone moves into the North Atlantic and so is its wind field gradually expanding towards Greenland, Iceland, and western Europe.

“It will likely develop a broad swell with high waves, but since it’s still relatively far in advance, more details on the effects towards Europe will follow later.”

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