BBC Weather: Scorching heatwave temperatures to grip Europe following brutal thunderstorms

BBC Weather: Europe set for storms and high temperatures

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A heatwave is set to return to Europe within days following torrential rain and devastating thunderstorms. Germany, Belgium and other parts of the continent were hit by historic and deadly floods last week. However, the latest BBC weather forecast shows countries like Spain and Greece returning to 37C temperatures by the middle of next week.

BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor warned these regions will experience “dry, sunny and hot days”.

This is contrasted with the UK, where “the temperature is dropping compared to the heat we have seen in recent days”.

He told BBC viewers: “We could see some damaging thunderstorms across parts of Central Europe for the rest of this weekend.

“At the same time, a deep area of low pressure, this swirl of cloud, could bring some wet and windy weather towards Iceland.”

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Mr Taylor continued: “This swirl of cloud, that was responsible for thunderstorms on Saturday across northern France and parts of the UK.

“That will transfer further eastwards on Sunday, with flash flooding possible in the worst spots.

“The worst of the rain is likely to be in the northern Alps.

“Further east, there are some isolated showers in Turkey but a good part of the Balkans and the Mediterranean will have dry, sunny and hot days.

“Not as hot across the south-east of Spain on Sunday, compared with Saturday, but still hot enough.

BBC Weather: UK set for thunderstorms as temperatures drop

“A few showers and thunderstorms towards the north, with showers most likely through France and towards Switzerland and southern parts of Germany.

“It is hot in southern parts of Sweden and Norway. Temperatures are set to build on Monday in Finland and eastern parts of Europe.

“But still, some storms across Germany and Alpine regions and we could see some showers towards the east of Spain.

“Northern Italy is looking quite stormy. But this will ease off towards the middle part of next week.

“A few showers coming and going through the week in London, with the temperature dropping compared to the heat we have seen in recent days.”


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This summer has been one of the hottest on record across much of Europe.

This has prompted Athens to appoint its first-ever chief heat officer to protect people from soaring temperatures.

The official will seek to find ways to adapt the city to the heatwaves and extreme weather.

In the UK, the hot weather came to an abrupt end yesterday as the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning in southern England and Wales for Saturday and Sunday.

The weather agency warned that frequent lightning, thunder, rain and strong winds are expected.

Forecasters have warned motorists that there may be difficult driving conditions and road closures this weekend.

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