BBC Weather: Mercury rises as “high pressure takes over

Temperature rise as 'high pressure takes over' and drizzly weather weakening

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The UK is set to enjoy a sunny weekend as the weather front causing thundery skies moves south of the nation. As the weather front dissipates, an area of high pressure will “take over” the country, bringing much fairer weather conditions. Speaking for BBC Weather, Kate Kinsella said Wednesday would bring “glimpses of blue sky.”

She added: “The cloud breaking later on to give some sunny spells.”

The weather forecast continued: “A bright start for many, then this cold front starts to sink south.

“As a result, that’s going to introduce more clouds.”

As the week progresses, the meteorologist highlighted a significant improvement in the weather as mercury rises.

Ms Kinsella said: “Tomorrow, the front is weakening, you might just get a bit of light and patchy rain but fairly short-lived.”

The movement of the weather front towards the south of the UK and beyond will heighten temperatures for most of the nation. 

Ms Kinsella added: “Some bright spells towards the end of the day and temperatures tomorrow a touch warmer at 20 celsius.”

The weather continues to improve as the weekend approaches with the forecast suggesting plentiful sunny spells.

“High pressure takes over so fine, dry, and sunny weather in the forecast.”

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The weather presenter continued: “A warm day, a sunny day for Friday.”

Into the weekend, conditions will remain bright and sunny although there will be a slight breeze that cools the temperatures enjoyed on Friday.

Ms Kinsella said: “We do pick up a northwesterly flow so over the weekend temperatures will be feeling a bit fresher.

“19 degrees celsius with some sunny spells on Saturday, but temperatures just about making the mid-teens on Sunday.”

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Fortunately it appears the improvement in weather will remain for the following week.

Beyond the predicted 15 degrees celsius for Sunday, temperatures for the new week are set to consistently rise.

By Wednesday, temperatures will reach 20 degrees celsius and above with the warmer weather set to continue into the weekend.

The forecast suggested a bright and sunny weekend for the bank holiday of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

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