BBC Weather: ‘Exceptional’ 45C heatwave to scorch Europe as ‘severe’ storms sweep in

BBC Weather: Europe set for ‘exceptional’ temperatures

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor warned the hot temperatures in southeast Europe will continue for much of this week. He also noted central Europe will see a sharp increase in rainfall and will be hit by stormy conditions. He warned this could trigger flash floods in some areas.

Mr Taylor said: “The exceptional and dangerous heat across southeast Europe are above average.

“They are only slowly easing this week.

“Elsewhere the chart shows that temperatures are at, if not below, average for the time of year.

“As we go through into Tuesday there will be showers and longer spells of rain through France into Germany.

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“There will be some storms developing as well around these central areas.”

The BBC Weather forecaster went into greater detail about the extreme heat facing parts of southeast Europe.

On Tuesday, in the region, temperatures are expected to get as high as 41C in Athens.

Istanbul will see a peak of 34C while Tirana could see temperatures around 36C.

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Mr Taylor continued: “It will stay sunny and will stay hot widely.

“Temperatures will be in the high 30s, low 40s, 45C in one or two spots in Greece and across Turkey too.

“Sunshine and warmth across much of the Meditteranean, in fact, but there will be a lot of cloud and cooler conditions further north into France.”

Mr Taylor highlighted that despite the hot temperatures in the southeast, central Europe could see major rainfall and stormy weather conditions this week.

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He said: “The showers and thunderstorms will also hit the low countries, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, it could be severe for one or two.

“Flash flooding is certainly possible.

“On the other end of the scale, heavy rain could cause some problems in northern parts of Finland.

“Central areas will also see some strong winds with it.”

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