BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns northern freezing front to split UK in two

The BBC Weather forecaster warned temperatures will drop by 10C for parts of Scotland and northern England today as some may experience a maximum of just 9C while people in the south will see up to 22C. Carol Kirkwood warned the stark difference in temperatures is due to a freezing cold front descending from the north and affecting mainly the North Sea coast. She said: “This is the front with all this cloud, it is slowly slipping southwards and we’ve got some showers later on today coming in across the south-west.

“As the front comes south, it will brighten up behind with just a few showers.

“It will be cool though along this North Sea coastline and into the north-east England as well – 9C to about 11C.

“In the sunshine further west we’re looking at 13C.

“For Northern Ireland, you’ve got a cloudier start to the day but that cloud will break up and you’ll see some sunshine through the afternoon.

“As we move down across England and Wales, a lot of dry weather, a lot of sunshine, some of that will be hazy.

“But through the day we start to see some showers coming up from the south coast across southern areas of England and also Wales.

“Not all of us will see them and in any sunshine, today temperatures could get up to the west of London to about 22C – but again, cooler on the North Sea coastline.”

Brian Gaze, from the Weather Outlook, claimed temperatures would pick up once again this week and could even nudge towards 22C in London on Thursday.

But the weather forecaster warned heavy rain would smash into some parts of the country towards on Friday.


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He said: “Thursday low pressure will be approaching from the southwest. It leads to a risk of showers in southwest England and southern Wales.

“The rest of southern and central Britain has warm sunny spells. Temperatures could reach 22C (72F) in the London area.

“The north remains dry but cloudier conditions spread southwards and in the northeast it will be a lot cooler.”

Moving towards the weekend, Mr Gaze said: “Friday looks dry in central and northern regions. In the south and particularly the southwest heavy showers are expected.”

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He warned that at times showers “could merge to give longer outbreaks of rain” with conditions feeling “cooler in the wet areas and eastern Britain”.

Mr Gaze added: “During Saturday there is a risk of showery rain in southern and central regions.

“However, by Sunday showers probably become more scattered again. In sunny spells, it should feel quite warm in the south but the north and east it stays cooler.”

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said the meteorological agency could be issuing weather warnings for thunderstorms on Friday.

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