BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns blustery wind and drizzle to sweep UK this Bonfire Night

BBC Weather: UK set for brisk winds and showers

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BBC Weathewoman Carol Kirkwood has warned Britons ahead of Bonfire Night this weekend to keep an eye on the blustering conditions with strong gusts expected to pick up from the West. She told BBC Breakfast that an approaching weather front was going to bring in some “strengthening winds” and told people going to a fireworks display to be sure to be mindful of the cold and strong breeze. 

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “It is a cold start to the day particularly so across southern parts of the country with temperatures just below freezing.

“There’s also some mist and fog around with visibility in parts of the Midlands and the Southeast as low as 100 metres and some even below that.

“Today, though, it’s going to be a chilly day generally with sunshine and showers.

“We still have got brisk winds down this North Sea coastline and a lot of the showers actually blown in the wind along the coastlines, but some of them will make progress inland through the day.

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“Some of them have been thundery already through the course of this morning and you can see how we’ve got them draped around our coast, the few making progress across northern England in towards the Midlands,” she continued.

“So a bit more cloud across England today than yesterday.

“Still a lot of cloud across much of Scotland with some sunny breaks but brisk winds down the North Sea coastline.

“For Northern Ireland and for northwest England, we’re looking at something brighter, but still some showers, showers coming in across Wales and the Southwest,  few showers across some central areas and some of those showers also making it in around about the Wash and into East Anglia as we go through the course of the day.”

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Mr Kirkwood said: “I mentioned brisk winds down the North Sea coastline particularly so if you’re exposed to this if you’re going out for a walk later, it will feel cold.

“But generally we’re looking at brisk winds but not quite as windy as it was yesterday.

“Temperatures to about 12 or 13 degrees.”

“As we head on through the evening and overnight we start off with all those showers.”

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“Some will fade but anywhere north of Wales on the mountains whose showers are likely to be wintery in nature,” she added.

“Still brisk winds gusty down the North Sea coastline and cold enough in some sheltered central parts and western parts away from the windward coast for a touch of frost tomorrow.

“Then we start off on a largely dry and bright note that is some sunshine.

“Still, stiff breeze coming down this North Sea coastline with gusty winds blowing in some showers but if anything tomorrow, there won’t be as many showers as we’re going to see today.”

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