BBC Weather: Brits to bake on ‘hottest day of the year’ as mercury soars to 26C

BBC Weather: UK set for hottest day of the year

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Britain set to record “hottest day of the year” today as temperatures are expected to reach 26C degrees in the south-east corner due to humid and warm air coming from France and Iberia, warned BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor. “Wet evening rush hour” for some north-western parts of the UK, heavy and thundery rain could hit in these areas as we move through the night. Not so much rain towards the southeast corner, most of it will clear into Wednesday morning with temperatures not as hot as today but set to reach 17C to 23C degrees across the country, said Mr Taylor.

Mr Taylor warned: “It is going to be the hottest day of the year as temperatures could get up to 26C degrees in the south-east corner, hot and humid.

“Across western areas, when we have the sunshine in the east, it will turn increasingly wet as we go through the day.

“This strip of clouds, which is running its way northwards, will bring us heavy rain.

“But as it approaches, we drag in the air ahead of it from France and Iberia, bringing the warmth, making things humid, and bringing us those high temperatures across eastern areas.

“We have some low clouds around this morning across north-east Scotland, not a sunny day in Shetland as we had yesterday, but various areas of cloud elsewhere as well.

“The temperatures will turn increasingly hazy as the cloud thickens in the West, through the afternoon, south-west England, south-west Wales and Northern Ireland will turn increasingly wet.

“Here temperatures limited to the mid or high teens even though it still feels humid, 26C degrees possible in the south-east corner, 20C degrees across parts of north-east Scotland.

“We could see the highest temperature of the year here so far.

“The pollen levels will shoot up in the sunshine, but it will dampen down as the rain moves in.

“It will be a thoroughly wet evening rush hour across many of these western areas, some rain could be heavy and thundery.

“Not so much rain towards the southeast, but even here there could be a flash of lightning as showers pass through during the night.

“Most of it will clear into the morning.

“There still will be some outbreaks of rain in Northern Ireland and north-west Scotland.

“Wednesday morning not quite as humid as last night, it is still warm enough, around 10C to 14C to start your Wednesday.

“On Wednesday there will be some showers pushing northwards across Scotland, but they will clear, sunshine tuning hazy in the afternoon.


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“Clouds in the south-west and west of Northern Ireland, where we could finish the day with some heavy showers and thunderstorms.

“Temperatures not quite as hot, but still 17C to 23C for most of you.

“Wednesday will see some thunderstorms across the country, some of them quite severe in the south-east corner, but as they clear into Thursday, a quiet day for many.

“There will be a few showers in the north and west, the odd isolated showers elsewhere.

“Dry weather for most on Thursday, feeling pleasant in the sunshine”.

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