Barefoot sex slave who ‘escaped house of horrors claims captor killed two pals’

An alleged sex slave who escaped her captor's torture dungeon, wearing latex lingerie and a metal collar with a padlock, claimed that he also killed two of her friends.

Police have now confirmed they are "actively investigating" whether Missouri monster Timothy Haslett, 39, killed other women.

Last week Haslett's alleged victim seized her chance to escape the house of horrors as he took his son to school, running out of the rental property barefoot and still bleeding.

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She claims she was restrained inside the home in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, USA, and repeatedly whipped and raped.

The emaciated 22-year-old fled 100 yards to the home of nurse Lisa Johnson, 41. She was able to utter just two words – "help me".

"She was wearing a very, very short black latex dress, which appeared opened up in places, you could plainly see what she had been through," Johnson told the Daily Mail.

"There were no tears. I honestly believe she was too dehydrated to produce them."

When Johnson said she was calling the police, the woman looked terrified and said the man up the street would kill them both.

She then made her way to the house of next-door neighbour Ciara Tharp, 39, whose grandmother was looking after her young son.

"She [my grandma] opened the door and the girl ran up and said: 'You've got to help me, I've been held captive, I've been raped, you've got to help me, he's going to end up killing me,'" Tharp told the Daily Mail.

"She actually said the guy killed more than just two. She said it was her friends, but she wasn't clear if something happened to them up there at the house or wherever he got her from or elsewhere."

The woman also said she'd been in the house since early September.

Excelsior Springs Police initially said they had no knowledge of any more victims, but now a spokesperson has confirmed to the Daily Mail that they are investigating the accusation.

Haslett was arrested on October 7 on his way back from taking his son to school. He was stopped by police on an unrelated animal control violation.

The victim told police how she had been abducted by him on Prospect Avenue in Kansas City, an area notorious for prostitution.

Clay County prosecutors have charged the former railroad construction worker with first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping and second-degree assault.

He pleaded not guilty on Tuesday (October 11) and is now being held on a $500,000 (£448,000) bond.

An Excelsior Springs Police probable cause statement said: "She [the victim] was wearing latex lingerie and had a metal collar around her neck with a padlock.

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"She advised Timothy had kept her in a small room in the basement that he had built. He kept her restrained in handcuffs on her wrists and ankles.

"The victim further advised that Timothy had whipped her while she was restrained. There were injuries on the victim's back that were consistent with this description. The victim advised that Timothy had raped her multiple times and frequently while she was held as a hostage.

"Upon entering the residence to clear it, Excelsior Springs Police officers observed a room in the basement consistent with what the victim had described."


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