Au revoir! Macron may ABANDON election as he refuses to say if he will stand again

Emmanuel Macron: Expert discusses 'very low' approval rate

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Mr Macron has again refused to say whether he would run for another five-year presidential term. Speaking during a nationwide tour this week, Mr Macron announced his controversial pension changes will not go ahead as planned.

He told reporters: “I do not think the reform as it was originally envisaged can go ahead as such.

“It was very ambitious and extremely complex and that is why it generated anxiety, we must admit that.

“Doing it right now would mean ignoring the fact that there are already a lot of worries.”

He added how he will have to make “difficult” decisions this summer in wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Macron said: “I’m going to have to make some choices, some of them difficult.”

However, according to the Guardian, Mr Macron refused to answer whether he would confirm he would run in the next election.

Mr Macron reportedly said it is “too early to say” if he would run but insisted he was determined to “carry things out until the end”.

In comparison, the likes of far-right leader Marine Le Pen, former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and the former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe have all confirmed they will be running.

Last month, the French premiere was warned Ms Le Pen will beat Mr Macron in the French Presidential election next year.

MEP Jordan Bardella who served as the spokesperson for National Rally, the far-right party under Ms le Pen, made the remarks.

Tweeting out a video of him on the French news outlet LCI, Mr Bardella said: “Many French people believe she is legitimate, that she has demonstrated her soundness, that she has toughened up, that she was right very early on before everyone else.

“I am convinced that Marine Le Pen will win this presidential election.”

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Mr Bardella’s comments came after a poll found police officers and soldiers are likely to vote for Ms Le Pen over Mr Macron.

The survey found around 44 percent of police and military personnel would vote for Ms le Pen in the first round of the presidential election next year.

Only 20 percent of those surveyed said they would give their vote to Mr Macron.

For the second round of votes, the figure shot up to 60 percent in favour of the eurosceptic against Mr Macron.

Ms Le Pen’s popularity among law enforcement agencies shot up to 48 percent compared to only 13 percent in favour of Mr Macron.

Those surveyed believed Ms Le Pen “understands the problems like us”.

Up to 52 percent said Ms Le Pen “really wants to change things” compared to the French President who only received 32 percent of votes.

Mr Macron’s popularity has plummeted following his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

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