ANOTHER Putin general killed in Ukraine: High-ranking Russian wiped out in fighting

Ukraine: Russian military losses discussed by Gardner

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Some 41,350 Russian soldiers have been killed as of Wednesday since the war began on February 24, Kyiv said, including 180 on Tuesday alone.

On day 161 of the war, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published an updated list of Russia’s losses since it launched its full-scale invasion.

According to the list, shared on Facebook, Ukrainian troops destroyed 1,774 tanks, 4,022 armoured fighting vehicles, 939 artillery systems, 259 multiple launch rocket systems, 118 anti-aircraft warfare systems, 223 warplanes, 191 helicopters, 740 operational and tactical level UAVs, 180 cruise missiles, 15 warships/cutters, 2,922 other vehicles and tanker trucks, and eight pieces of special equipment.

Similar figures are shared in other military analyses.

Photographic evidence collected by Oryx, an open-source site tracking military-equipment losses around the world, on Tuesday showed the Russian military has lost some 5,020 military vehicles since the start of the conflict.

As per its latest data, 3,202 of those vehicles were destroyed; 103 damaged; 323 abandoned, and 1,392 captured by Ukrainian forces.

Among the Russian losses listed by Oryx, there are 916 tanks, 556 of which are estimated to have been destroyed.

The death of Major Fedorenko echoes Moscow’s loss of Major General Artem Nasbulin, who was reportedly killed in an artillery strike near Kherson in southern Ukraine last month.

General Nasbulin, who was Chief of Staff for the 22nd Army Corps, was killed during a strike on a command post in Kherson City, according to Ukraine.

Ukrainian journalist Viktor Kovalenko said in a tweet: “Ukraine military claims that they eliminated one more Russian military General (Gen Maj) Nasbulin, chief of staff 22nd Corps (Crimea).

“He’s one of 150 confirmed dead Russian servicemen from recent HIMARS strikes on command posts & ammo depots in occupied Kherson province.”

The news came as Ukraine ramped up its use of the US-provided HIMARS artillery systems to devastating effect across the frontline.

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Ukrainian crews reload a HIMARS launcher

The systems can strike a target with an error margin of just a few metres from 50 miles away.

So far, Washington has sent 16 of the powerful arms to the war-torn nation and, according to Ukrainian officials, they are making a significant difference in fighting.

Kyiv said Russia is deliberately trying to cover up the devastation caused to its armed forces by HIMARS in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Russian Defence <inister Sergey Shoigu said Russian troops had destroyed six of the precision weapons on the battlefield, as well as a host of other Western-provided systems.

But this was denounced as a desperate lie by the Kremlin.

Major Andriy Kovalchuk, Ukraine’s south operational command, said in an interview: “We have had no losses at all yet of any of the HIMARS systems.

He added the Russian reports of the weapons systems’ destruction were a demonstration of how “effectively” the rocket launchers are being deployed on the battlefield by Ukrainian forces.

Major Kovalchuk added: “Every rocket destroys a bridge or an ammunition depot.”

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