Angry Brits blast Butlin’s as kids can’t enjoy activities without pre-booking

As lockdown-weary Brits book their first holidays in nearly two years, complaints are already starting to surface from frustrated Butlin's customers.

The UK-based holiday giant started reopening its resorts at Minehead, Skegness and Bognor Regis from May 17 and were inundated with enquiries.

But with those enquiries came a number of angry complaints.

Customers learned after booking that activities in the holiday camps – such as swimming, football, and funfair rides, needed to be booked in advance.

But with Butlin's phone lines running with delays of up to an hour due to unprecedented demand, customers are finding that extremely hard.

Others are finding that when they do eventually get through, it’s still not possible to book any activities.

One customer, named Ali, wrote on Twitter: “So distressed, just found out you have to book all activities, entertainment, swimming before arrival to Butlin's and there is nothing available !! Cant call them as phones lines are permanently too busy.

She added: “what is point in coming? my 6 year old is going to be devastated.”

Hayley Davis expressed her frustration on Twitter, saying: “I am dreaming of a reply the app has no swimming slots to book for Monday May 31…seems to think only 30 days in the month ! I have tried to call, Facebook and Twitter, no reply.”

Twitter user Munchie Mummy actually made it into one of the camps, but was met with a frustrating experience.

"Outside queuing in the rain for an hour for swimming when booking was full and staff knew it,” she wrote.

“You're going to have a massive lawsuit on your hands when so many guests didn't have the services fulfilled this week."

Stacey Keir angrily messaged Butlin's, saying: ”Since you got your re-opening date, all you've cared about is taking people’s money.

"The second anyone has paid up, you've ignored emails, calls, completely cut them off as you don't care about the customer once they've paid."

The Daily Star tried to call and also found it very hard to get through.

A Butlin's spokesperson told the Daily Star: “Due to social distancing guidelines our resorts are operating at limited capacity.

"We’ve opened a brand new 860-seater venue, in addition to our existing three entertainment venues, at all three resorts to accommodate more shows than ever before.

"We've introduced a new booking system for guests, and we know demand is high for some of our most popular shows.

"Any available slots are released each morning and our team will let guests in to enjoy our shows and activities if there’s any availability on the day.”

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