An early White Christmas could be on the cards after forecasts of snowfall

Snowfall could reach parts of the UK in just two weeks, according to forecasters from the Met Office.

Following the warm Halloween weekend the UK is set to experience, it won't be a long time until temperatures begin to decrease.

Met Office forecasters have warned that snow may fall across both the north and west of the UK as early as November 9.

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The Met Office said that there could be “an increasing chance of settled weather from mid-month, bringing a potential for colder, drier weather especially for the north and west” between November 9 and 23.

“This would likely bring a risk of chilly nights with mist, frost and fog in places, with some snow possible in any showers in northern and western areas, especially over high ground,” the forecaster added.

The Met Office also speaks on how snow in the UK is less common than in mainland Europe due to the UK being an island.

The forecast added: “In winter, the land gets cold more quickly than the sea, so where there is a lot of land and very little sea, such as the huge interior of continental Europe, Canada or the United States, it gets cold enough for snow to fall frequently.

“However, for the UK, being an island surrounded by the milder water, the air can often warm up slightly before it reaches our shores, and we often see rain rather than snow, or, even trickier to forecast; a mix of rain, sleet and snow.”

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Stephen Dixon, from the Met Office, said it will most likely be later in the month where chillier temperatures would start to occur.

He said: “There will be an ongoing chance later in the month that any showers could fall as snow for a time in the north, with the high ground most likely to see the highest of any accumulations.

"There isn’t a signal beyond what we’d normally expect for this time of year in terms of snowfall."


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