Adult film star ‘stabbed toddler to death and left corpse on check-out at Lidl’

A former porn actress has been arrested after she allegedly left her two-year-old son's mutilated corpse on top of a checkout counter in a Lidl supermarket.

44-year-old Katalin Erzsebet Bradacs, from Hungary, was taken into custody after being charged with murdering Alex Juhasz, her toddler son.

The porn actress arrived at the Lidl supermarket in the small town of Citta della Pieve in the central Italian region of Umbria on Friday (1st October) afternoon.

Witnesses reportedly heard the woman saw the woman place her son's bloodied body on top of a checkout counter as she screamed for help.

The tragic toddler had nine stab wounds across his body, chest and neck.

He was sadly pronounced dead as his mother was arrested by the police after they found a knife in her handbag.

The toddler's punctured and bloodied t-shirt and the woman's jumper were later found in a close-by disused building.

CCTV footage analysed by the police did not reveal any other possible suspects at the crime scene apart from the child's mother.

The actual crime was not caught on camera but the former porn actress was captured arriving and leaving the scene.

Investigators believe the motive for the crime was to get revenge on the child's father, who she had recently separated from and been in a long-dispute for custody over their child.

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The father, who currently lives in Hungary, alerted authorities after he received a photo of his dying son via WhatsApp.

Reports state that it was the toddler's mother who sent the photo, shortly before rushing into the supermarket with the bloodied body.

The former porn actress reportedly denied the accusations of murder, telling police repeatedly: "I did not kill my son."

Norbert Juhasz, the deceased toddler's father, the mother had ran off to Italy with the toddler last month after a Hungarian court granted custody of the youngster to him.

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Witnesses report they saw the former porn actress mistreating the two-year-old on a day prior to the crime.

The woman is currently being held in custody at a prison in the nearby city of Perugia.

A crime scene has been set up by police at the disused building where the brutal incident allegedly took place.

The investigation is ongoing.

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