Taliban replace ministry for women with “virtue” authorities

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers set up a ministry for the “propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice” in the building that once housed the Women’s Affairs Ministry, escorting out World Bank staffers on Saturday as part of the forced move. It was the latest troubling sign that the Taliban are restricting […]

Opinion | Here’s How to Understand the Next Jobs Report

When the Labor Department released a disappointing employment report for April, it caught many economists by surprise. Most of us had predicted the economy had created around 900,000 jobs and forecast a drop in the unemployment rate of 0.2-0.3 percentage points. This seemed reasonable: Through March and April, most sectors of the economy showed strong […]

Opinion | California: Liberal Model or Cautionary Tale?

To the Editor: Re “A Letter to My Liberal Friends” (column, Feb. 2): Bret Stephens’s column is laudable in tone and presents an impressive list of high taxes and other government policies in California — his model for bad government by Democrats — that account, in his judgment, for the exodus of citizens for states […]

Jeep of missing Fort Collins woman is found in the Pingree Park area.

A Jeep owned by a Fort Collins woman who is reported missing has been found in the mountains of Larimer County. Christine Cummings Jeep was found parked in the Pingree Park area, according to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. Cummings was reported missing earlier this week when concerned relatives could not reach her and they […]

Opinion | Yes, Facebook Has Become a Menace

It’s about time, even if it’s been a very long 22 years. It was 1998 when Microsoft finally landed in the cross hairs of the federal government, when the Justice Department and 20 state attorneys general alleged in an antitrust lawsuit that the software giant had abused its market power to crush competition. It was […]

Market Watch: 2020 highs and lows … and what to watch in 2021

It’s a been a wild year for stock market investors. The Covid crash in March brought to the end a decade-long bull run. But the bear market didn’t last long. Since March markets around the world – including the local NZX-50 – have recovered to hit new highs, with November delivering a record monthly rise […]