Lebanese Christian cleric to Hariri: avoid 'secret deals' in forming cabinet

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon’s top Christian cleric urged Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri on Sunday to avoid back-door deals and to quickly form a new government that will start lifting the country out of financial crisis.FILE PHOTO: Lebanese Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai speaks after meeting with Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun at the presidential palace in […]

Lebanon PM-designate Adib calls for collaboration to form gov't

Amid political deadlock, Adib urged parties to work so French initiative succeeds and economic collapse is avoided. Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib has urged political forces in the crises-hit country to cooperate to facilitate the formation of a new government, almost a week after the passing of the deadline agreed with France to name a […]

U.S. slaps sanctions on two former Lebanese ministers over ties to Hezbollah

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Tuesday expanded its sanctions on Lebanon, blacklisting the former finance and transport ministers and accusing them of providing material and financial help to Iran-backed Shi’ite group Hezbollah, following a powerful blast last month in Beirut that left the country reeling. “Corruption has run rampant in Lebanon, and Hizballah […]

'Now we are ruined': Lebanon's embattled savers try to rebuild

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Like many Lebanese expatriates, Nadim Srour wired savings back as a nest egg for his return. Now those deposits have crumbled in an economic crisis and a Beirut blast has destroyed his home. “Our lives turned 180 degrees,” said the 43-year-old who returned from the Gulf with his wife and two sons […]

Macron marks Lebanon's centenary as nation teeters on brink

BEIRUT (Reuters) – French President Emmanuel Macron marked Lebanon’s centenary on Tuesday by planting a cedar tree, the emblem of the Middle East country that is collapsing under the weight of a crippling economic crisis. In his second trip to Lebanon in less than a month, Macron is expected to lean on Lebanon’s fractious leaders […]

Lebanon set to designate new PM ahead of Macron visit

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon’s ambassador to Germany Mustapha Adib is set to be designated prime minister on Monday ahead of a visit to Beirut by the French president who will press for long-delayed reforms to steer the Middle East nation out of its deep crisis. Emmanuel Macron has taken centre stage in international efforts to […]

Lebanon blast: Ammonium nitrate behind many industrial accidents

When combined with fuel and oil, ammonium nitrate creates a potent explosive widely used in the construction industry. Ammonium nitrate, which Lebanese authorities have said caused the devastating Beirut blast, is an odourless crystalline substance commonly used as a fertiliser that has been the cause of numerous industrial explosions over the decades. Notable among these […]

Keeper of Beirut's past looks to architectural future after blast

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Standing in front of the rubble of a house destroyed in Beirut’s port blast, Henry Loussian brushes off the dust and dirt from fragments of its architecture all but lost among a tangle of scaffolding obscuring a grand ceiling and elaborate chandelier. Such heritage houses were once commonplace, but many were razed […]