Fed's Jackson Hole shift shows Delta variant's ability to skew plans

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Health officials in Teton County, Wyoming, announced last Thursday what was in part an administrative change, swapping a local five-point index for assessing COVID-19 risk for a four-point scale used by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.FILE PHOTO: Teton Mountain Range is pictured from the windows of Jackson Lake Lodge […]

What is the Fed's new policy framework, and why does it matter?

(Reuters) – Here are five things to know about the Federal Reserve’s new strategy for achieving stable prices and maximum employment. The landmark policy shift was announced on Thursday. WHAT’S THE NEW STRATEGY? The new strategy puts more weight on bolstering the labor market and less on worries about inflation that is too high. Calling […]

Fed to target 2% average inflation, elevates focus on jobs

(Reuters) – The Federal Reserve on Thursday rolled out an aggressive new strategy to restore the United States to full employment and lift inflation back to healthier levels in a world where it now believes that “downward risks to employment and inflation have increased.” Under the new approach, laid out in a fresh statement on […]