A More Satisfying Meatless Meatball

Once you find the perfect base of beans, vegetables and grains, the possibilities are endless. Send any friend a story As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you share. By Tejal Rao I make my veggie koftas, or meatballs, from a base of soft, half-mashed black […]

Cozy Fall Vibes, No Matter the Temperature

Answers to the question, “Will it gratin?” and beans three ways. By Tejal Rao It was 90 degrees the other day in Los Angeles, but I desperately wanted it to feel like fall! Specifically, the New York fall setting of “Only Murders in the Building.” I’ve been watching it lately, and I’m thoroughly charmed by […]

Food That’s Worth Waiting For

Take your time with these garlicky chicken thighs. By Sam Sifton Good morning. I made a quesadilla the other day: ham and Swiss cheese with some mango salsa I had in the fridge, with sour cream and Jamaican hot sauce. I took my time making it, too, cooking the tortillas slowly in butter so they […]

What to Cook This Weekend

Make Yewande Komolafe’s roasted carrots with yaji spice relish and Tejal Rao’s recipe for chickpea pancakes. By Sam Sifton Good morning. There was a honking wind on the eastern end of Long Island, more north than west, and whitecaps were rushing into the Montauk inlet: rough fishing if you wanted to go, and many didn’t. […]

Get Cooking: A recipe for Caesar Salad from scratch

Recipes are stories and, so, they have tales to tell. About a set of ingredients transformed into a new thing, surely, but also about their time and place, about the level of skill of their cook, even about the cook’s ideals. But because recipes are stories, they also are fact — or fiction. In one […]

A Stew for Labor Day

Try a luscious recipe for Jamaican oxtail stew, or get to grilling for the holiday. By Sam Sifton Good morning. Happy Labor Day. Because of the coronavirus there’ll be no West Indian American Day Parade this year along Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, but if you’d like to get into the spirit of past and future […]

Get Cooking: Inside the Vietnamese pantry – The Denver Post

Yes, you too can cook Vietnamese food! Just pick up the basics. Looked at one way, the entirety of the basics of Vietnamese cooking are four in number: sour, salt, sweet and chile heat. For sour, Vietnamese cooks use the acidity of several foods such as rice or white vinegar, lime juice, tamarind, even the […]

Great Zukes!

You have all the summer squash, and we have loads of recipes. By Sam Sifton Good morning. We’re not quite at the point where people are locking their cars to keep neighbors from loading the front seats down with their surplus zucchini. But there’s a fair amount of squash out there right now, and we’re […]

What to Cook Right Now

By Sam Sifton Good morning. Mariana Velásquez has a smart new cookbook out, “Colombiana: A Rediscovery of Recipes and Rituals from the Soul of Colombia.” Melissa Clark has been cooking from it recently, and brought us an adaptation of Velásquez’s brilliant recipe for arepas de choclo (above), griddled sweet corn cakes. The patties fry into […]

Get cooking: A recipe for Chilled Fennel and Leek Soup

On July 14, 1789, disgruntled citizens of Paris stormed the Bastille, a fortress on the east side of the city that was, at the time, headquarters to the city’s loathed police, a former prison stockaded capriciously by generations of French kings and a depot of gunpowder much sought after by those same citizens. Thence, this […]