‘You have to answer!’ SNP humiliated as MSP insists UK must decide Cambo oil field future

Steve Brine clashes with SNP MSP over Cambo oil field

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Conservative MP Steve Brine has clashed with SNP’s Kirsten Oswald over the future of the Cambo oil field, arguing that the SNP “have to” answer certain questions if they were to run an independent Government. The heated exchange came after Greenpeace activists called on Boris Johnson to explain why drilling equipment was allegedly set to be installed at the Cambo oil field this week. 

“Cop26 is a deeply important opportunity for us to have mature and sensible discussions that are going to lead to actions that will improve the situation in terms of the climate emergency, and we all need to be doing that.”

But Conservative MP Steve Brine pointed out the irony of Ms Oswald’s argument considering the SNP’s demands for a new referendum on the independence of Scotland. 

Mr Brine said: “I think I do understand this very clearlyso you are the Government in Scotland, and you want to be an independent country 100 percent in charge of Scotland.

So make the call. What are you going to do about this?

Tell us what the call is.”

“Because I think that this kind of dialogue and that kind of attitude is one of the reasons that people are more and more inclined, that we do need to be able to make all of these decisions ourselves.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said proposals for the field should be re-examined over “the severity of the climate emergency”.

Greenspace was alerted to plans to move key drilling infrastructure to the oil field.

The vessel was set to be in the oil field for around 10 days from Wednesday 25 August.

However, the environmental group said it is unlawful if the UK Government has given consent for work to begin before making its official decision.

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