Voice of the Mirror – Lazy Boris isn’t as popular as he’d like us to believe

Three weeks too late, Boris Johnson’s visit to a flood-stricken area revealed that the Prime Minister isn’t half as popular as he would like us to believe.

The shout of “traitor” in waterlogged Worcestershire spoke for many angry people who feel abandoned by a politician who hid when leadership was required.

The feeling that Johnson doesn’t care now he sits on a big parliamentary majority will be hard to shed when we recall how quickly he visited flooded areas before the election – when votes were at a premium.

It highlights his leisurely approach to governing – preferring to enjoy life rather than embrace the demands of high office.

Successful PMs put the country first, not themselves. Under investigation by a sleaze watchdog over who funded a Caribbean holiday, Johnson must start doing the job we pay him to do.

  • Most cancelled train service in all of Britain was scrapped 28 times

  • Boris Johnson says visiting flood victims sooner would have been 'too easy'

Enjoying the trappings of Downing Street instead of rolling up his sleeves merely adds insult to injury.

Stop hoarding

Panic buying is fundamentally selfish and creates unnecessary shortages for other, perhaps more vulnerable families.

Staying calm, following advice and carrying on is how a stoic nation responds to a threat – not grabbing everything off store shelves at the expense of neighbours.

If we all buy only what we need, there will be no shortages. So let’s hope common sense prevails.

Coronavirus is dangerous but that is no excuse for anti-social behaviour by a few that will create difficulties for the many.

Labour may be down but the party is certainly not out.

This was shown yesterday, when so many good people devoted their Sunday to quizzing the party’s leadership contenders at the Daily Mirror’s hustings in Dudley.

With the way the Tories are going, it looks like real change is possible in the future.

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