‘UK means what it says!’ Bill Cash savages EU with brutal Northern Ireland Brexit warning

Lord Frost provides update on Northern Ireland protocol

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Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis delivered a speech to the House of Commons where he revealed the Government’s plans for negotiating with the European Union to iron out problems with the Northern Ireland Protocol. Brexit Minister Lord Frost also told the House of Lords that while using Article 16 to suspend parts of the Protocol are currently justified the UK would not use it so negotiations could go on in good faith. But Sir Bill delivered a threat to Europe that the UK is not afraid to go down such a route during a passionate speech during a House of Commons session.

Before Sir Bill was invited to ask his question to Mr Lewis, the Northern Ireland Secretary addressed questions from the opposition benches. 

He said: “We will continue to do what is right for the United Kingdom, we want to work with our partners in the EU.

“When people get a chance to read from the command paper though they will see that we are not taking the opportunity to trigger Article 16. 

“Because we want to work in partnership, find a solution to all of these problems that work for all people of Northern Ireland.”

Sir Bill was then given the opportunity to ask his question and said:  “Under the current arrangements which have just been announced. 

“I greatly welcome the Prime Minister’s, Lord Frost’s, and Secretary of State’s realistic and reasonable approach. 

“Does my right honourable friend agree that in the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland as set out in the Protocol?

“The EU must understand that having recently democratically left the EU, the United Kingdom rejects the EU is legalistic intransigence.

“But will continue to negotiate in the short term on the clear understanding that our national interest requires equal reasonableness and realism by the EU.

“Or the government will take the necessary steps just outlined by the Secretary of State and the government means when it says.


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