Test and Trace app has blighted Freedom Day by forcing workers to isolate

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As the “pingdemic” escalated, the Government drew back, with Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi saying doublejabbed staff in critical roles – including NHS, care and essential workers – should no longer need to selfisolate.

Nonetheless, this involves small numbers – far fewer than the 4.5 million-plus people expected to have to selfisolate in the period from July 7 until August 16.

Since it first reared its ugly head, Covid has always been a moving target. The balance between freedom, however partial, and public health has been hugely difficult to strike. But as we move forward, we must continue to consider the protection of lives as a matter of the utmost urgency.

As the PM said yesterday, we all still have to make a “continuing sacrifice” and as if to emphasise that point, he added that vaccine passports will be needed to go to nightclubs from the autumn to incentivise inoculation among the hesitant young.

Masks or no masks, Covid is still with us, and it is imperative we keep that in mind.

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