Sturgeon sparks fury over ‘unfair’ plans to exclude Scots abroad from independence vote

Nicola Sturgeon's voting plans criticised by Vine panelist

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Journalist Olivia Utley lashed out at Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP’s plans for an independence referendum in Scotland. While speaking on the Jeremy Vine Show, she said that there needed to be a much broader range of voters for any kind of second independence referendum. She added that 800,000 Scottish nationals living in other parts of the UK would not be allowed to vote.

She insisted this could cause disruption and confusion for these citizens if Scotland did win its independence.

Ms Utley said: “Well, I think there are two important things to say.

“My view isn’t entirely and completely unnuanced.

“Roughly I think that it should definitely be a lot broader than Nicola Sturgeon is making out at the moment.

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“There are 800,000 people who were born in Scotland who are currently living in other parts of the United Kingdom.

“You have just got to imagine, under the current rules, [they] wouldn’t get a vote in an independence referendum.

“They didn’t get a vote in the last independence referendum because they don’t live in Scotland.”

Ms Utley then painted a hypothetical situation regarding the future of these Scottish nationals if the SNP hold a referendum and become independent.

She said: “What happens the day after an independence referendum and Scotland goes yes.

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“You have got these 800,000 people who don’t have an identity.

“Is an identity that they didn’t want going to be thrust upon them, that seems incredibly unfair.

“Where are they going to pay their taxes? Nicola Sturgeon has said that anyone with a Scottish parent or grandparent would get a Scottish passport.

“But somehow they are not Scottish enough to vote in an independence referendum?”

Ms Utley concluded that there needs to be a continuous debate regarding Scotland and independence.

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She noted that it as an independent Scotland would impact the rest of the UK, people in other parts of the country should also have a say.

“She continued: “There is an important debate to be had about whether an independence referendum should be the whole of the UK.

“For a start, it should definitely be more of the UK than it is already, it should at least be another 800,000 people.

“Parents and grandparents born in Scotland, at what point are you not Scottish?

“This is the thing, our histories have been wrapped up for so long, it is very difficult to say where the line between Scottish and English is.

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