Steve Baker announces Tory leadership bid to ‘save Brexit’

Steve Baker announces Tory leadership bid to save Brexit

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Conservative MP Steve Baker discussed his plans to improve the country in Parliament Square. Mr Baker laid out his plans to improve the lives of Britons by pushing to deliver his political manifesto. The Conservative MP also discussed deserving to win a general election and tackling the cost of living which is putting a major strain on many people living in the UK. Due to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s political ousting as PM, many Conservative MPs are announcing their aspirations to become the Prime Minister of Britain.

Mr Baker said: “And what do you think will be the main point that you will be talking about if you’re successful if you’re one of those last two, what will be the main messages that you think will convince your parliamentary colleagues that you’re the man for the job.

“My first point is to deliver on this mandate and this manifesto.

“We have tortured the public for seven years with high drama politics when seemingly continuous series of crises.

“So it’s time to just have stability, deliver this manifesto with this mandate and run for about the two years.

“Then have a general election which we can deserve to win, deal with the cost of living crisis, this mandate this manifesto.

“Beyond that, we’ve got to look really seriously at who we want to be, I think the public… I’m certain the British public can rise to the challenge at the moment, we have got to deal with the economy and energy policy.

“We’ve got to make sure that the people of this country are evermore prosperous and free.”

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