SNP’s Ian Blackford dismantled as Sunak attack backfires: ‘He’s protecting 900,000 jobs!’

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Mr Blackford demanded that the UK Government commits to extending the furlough scheme in Scotland past December 2 if the national lockdown is extended past the same date. The SNP MP also questioned why Scotland should remain in the union. However, Ms Burley reminded Mr Blackford that the UK Government has protected 900,000 jobs in Scotland. 

Mr Blackford said: “If it is right that businesses and workers should have that support in England with additional lockdown measures then surely if the Governments in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast were to do something similar they should have the same opportunities?

“Workers should not be impacted by the need to put in health measures if that is what is required.

“This is supposed to be a union of equals and we are not being treated equally.”

He added: “Quite frankly if I was a unionist I would be asking the question why would I want to stay in this union when we can’t get what we should be getting which is the same as the people in England?”

The Sky News host replied: “Ok, in fact, you have said it is clearer than ever that independence is the only way to protect Scottish interests.

“Would you not say that Scotland has benefitted from being part of the United Kingdom during this very challenging time?

“The chancellor has said that £7.2billion has been provided, protecting 900,000 jobs in Scotland.”

The SNP MP said: “This is the language that is trotted out by the Chancellor and the Prime Minister but of course it is our taxes that go into Westminster.

“Let’s make sure that the Scottish Parliament has that sort of borrowing powers.

“My message to people in Scotland is if you want to guarantee that then independence is the only way to guarantee that.”

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