Play by OUR rules! Macron rages at Boris in face-to-face showdown behind closed doors

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The French President and Mr Johnson met in a bid to see tensions in a row over post-Brexit fishing rights.

Paris has given the UK until Tuesday to issue more licences to French vessels to operate in UK waters or face retaliation.

Mr Macron’s government has threatened to block some British fishing boats from ports and tighten customs checks on lorries entering the country with British goods.

The moves would risk causing problems with supply to the UK in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Britain has warned the measures being proposed by France would break the rules of the EU trade agreement and international law and vowed to take action of its own to combat any threats carried out by Paris.

Meeting this morning, Mr Johnson confronted his opposite number from across the Channel as he demanded an end to the escalating rhetoric.

It is thought the talks have triggered some measures aimed at easing tensions.

“The goal for both the president and the prime minister was to work towards de-escalation,” a French presidential adviser told reporters.

“We are giving ourselves the space for de-escalation in the coming hours.”

The French official said President Macron expected the Uk to “play by the rules” and to show respect to EU member states.

However, the President did not withdraw his ultimatum to impose measures on Britain if more fishing licences were not issued by Tuesday.

They said: “We’ll see on November 2. We’re not there yet. One thing at a time.”

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