Nicola Sturgeon issued threat: SNP leader facing damning probe as voters ‘need answers’

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Scottish Conservative Party leader Douglas Ross has revealed that his party has secured a debate in Holyrood regarding the mistakes Ms Sturgeon’s Government has made during the COVID-19 crisis. Mr Ross stressed the importance of finding ways to provide more help to residents and families through the next stage of the pandemic. 

Mr Ross said: “Grieving families need answers and we need to learn the lessons of this scandal immediately. The Scottish Conservatives have secured a debate in Scottish Parliament that will look at the issue of over 100 patients being discharged from hospital into a care home, having had a positive test for COVID-19.

“We now know from a Public Health Scotland report that thousands of other patients were discharged from a hospital to a care home with no test at all.

“We need answers from the SNP Scottish Government on this because we have to ensure that if mistakes have been made, if lives have been lost as a result of those decisions, that lessons are learned.

“We can’t make the same mistakes again.”

He added: “We still need to do more to help families and to help residents through the next difficult months as we continue to fight COVID-19.

“There is much more we can do to protect and support everyone in care homes around the country.

“I want to ensure Parliament has the opportunity to look at lessons from the past and ensure mistakes aren’t repeated again.”

Last week in Scottish Parliament the SNP leader addressed the “error” made in Scottish care homes. 

Ms Sturgeon said: “There will be a full public inquiry when the time for that is right, when we have got the country through this next stage of Covid.”

She added: “I don’t expect any grieving family to think they have all the answers to the questions they have in this report, I want to do everything we can to provide those answers.

“These grieving families and care homes is probably the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep.”

The SNP leader said later: “I am sorry for any error that I have made in this, I’ve said that many times before.


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“I’m not carefully choosing my words – I probably don’t have the capacity to do that at the moment.

“I am trying to be as frank as possible and we’ve got things wrong and we will continue to try to put that right, and we will have all of the normal processes of accountability.”

More than 100 people who had tested positive for COVID-19 were discharged from hospitals into care homes without first receiving a negative test, according to the Public Health Scotland study.

A total of 113 people were moved between March 1 and May 31 although they had not received a negative test before they were transferred, the study shows.

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