Nick Ferrari brilliantly pinpoints Lord Frost blaming EU for blocking Brexit freedom

Lord Frost on EU's brutal refusal to renegotiate with UK

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Lord Frost has offered a brutal analysis as to why the European Union has refused to renegotiate with the UK over the terms of the Brexit deal. LBC host Nick Ferrari quizzed the former Brexit negotiator on the reasons for Brussels being “deaf” to the British Governments requests to emend the Northern Ireland protocol. 

Lord Frost told LBC: “I simply don’t understand why the EU will not renegotiate it and move on to a more collaborative relationship with us as we all want. 

“But if you won’t, then the Government’s responsibility is to govern this country and we will have to take that in hand.”

Mr Ferrari asked: “Why do you imagine the EU is rather deaf to our requests?”

“I genuinely don’t know,” replied Lord Frost.

“Of course, they can say well, you agreed that you must implement it, but that’s the kind of it’s a truism, treaties are in practice often renegotiated as circumstances change.

“It’s obvious that there is a political difficulty which both sides are engaged in,” added Lord Frost.

“The best way is to deal with this collaboratively and perhaps in the new world where we’re working together quite well on Ukraine and adds some change, they’ll agree to do that.

“I really think they should.”


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