Nandy sparks Twitter fury as she claims Starmer would solve cost of living crisis as PM

Keir Starmer 'would not let people struggle' says Nandy

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Lisa Nandy claimed Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer would be able to successfully address the cost of living crisis causing prices to soar across the nation. The Shadow Secretary for Levelling Up affirmed the Labour Leader was “very in touch” with the population’s concerns and, if he were Prime Minister, would introduce an effective policy to solve inflation. Speaking for Sky News, host Kay Burley said: “Some of the people I’ve been talking to this week have talked about that posh bloke who’s been knighted with a really nice suit on and comes from a really posh part of London.

“How much is he in touch with what’s happening here?”

“I think he’s very in touch,” Ms Nandy replied.

She continued: “He and I are going to be in Leeds in just a few hours’ time, talking to people about the cost of living crisis.

“We’ve been all over the country, to Grimsby, to Burnley, to Doncaster, in recent months, listening to what people have to say.

“Which is why we came forward with this package of emergency measures in the Queen’s speech this week, to try to get the Government to bring forward an emergency budget.”

The Labour MP asserted Sir Keir would successfully tackle the cost of living crisis in the UK.

She said: “I think people do appreciate, actually, that Keir Starmer is trying to make sure that the main concern, for most people, is heard and dealt with at the highest levels of Government. 

“If he were Prime Minister right now, people would not be struggling to survive and put food on the table. 

“We would be knocking £600 off energy bills for those who most need it, £200 for everybody and bringing forward an emergency budget to actually start to tackle this problem.”

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But Twitter users blasted Ms Nandy’s claims that Sir Keir would be able to successfully tackle the growing energy and bills costs.

User @MikeSmith04 explained: “Says the woman who gets at least £84,000 in salary and £199,000 in expenses. 

“No wonder folks are fighting over who should stand for Labour in the upcoming Wakefield by-election.”

The user continued: “Apart from the £600 she has no plans, nor anybody else in Labour.”

Similarly, other users condemned the Labour history of economic strategy involving extensive borrowing and expanding debt.

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Twitter user @BermudaBat said: “Keir Starmer would be borrowing more and adding to the national debt, wonder how Labour would pay that off.”

And @kent_se agreed: “Sorry, but they would be struggling even more.  

“Labour has always destroyed the economy leaving millions to starve or freeze to death.”

The Tory Government remains under pressure as the Labour party pushes for a swift resolution to the economic crisis.

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