Macron exposed as French leader turned Brexit negotiations ‘toxic’ to cling onto power

Brexit: Fishing ‘highly politicised issue’ says Barrie Deas

The National Federation of Fishing Organisation CEO Barrie Deas argued during the Brexit talks the EU quickly politicised the fishing issue. During an interview with, Mr Deas insisted Emmanuel Macron was a key reason the talks became aggressive and toxic regarding the new fishing agreement. The fishing expert claimed this stance was adopted to reinforce Emmanuel Macron’s competency as President in spite of growing support for National Rally leader Marine Le Pen.

On the Brexit fishing deal, Mr Deas said: “What this will come down to is the law, what are the legal constraints etc.

“We are now operating under the UN law of the sea, a very big factor.

“The element is the politics, as we have seen in this deal, the politics become toxic.

“Fishing becomes a highly politicised issue within the UK and EU.

“President Emmanuel Macron’s presidential hopes were a major factor in the stance taken by the EU in the negotiations.

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“All of that adds a toxic element to fishing politics moving forward.”

It comes as Emmanuel Macron is under pressure, with the latest Ipsos poll finding the President would lose in the upcoming election to Marine Le Pen by a slim margin.

The eurosceptic politician would beat the French President by 1.5 percent of the votes in the first round, at 26.5 percent, according to the poll.

Mr Macron would come second with 25 percent, followed by Bertrand, Jadot and Melenchon respectively placed with 15, 10 and 10 percent of the votes.

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Regarding the Brexit fishing deal eventually secured between the UK and EU, Mr Deas admitted that he was aware the bloc would view the new relationship differently to Britain.

Mr Deas said: “The EU side will understand this is quite an unstable relationship now. The UK has left the EU, left the Common Fisheries Policy although on access and quota shares we are still tied to some of the most important aspects of the Common Fisheries Policy.

“I think that from the EU’s side they will see it in very different terms. We see the UK industry tied into an asymmetric and exploitative relationship.

“I am sure the EU member states see this in different terms, however.”

Mr Deas concluded the UK fishing industry had got the “worst of all worlds” and demanded significant change immediately.

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Mr Deas said: “We have now got the worst of all worlds.

“We have obstacles at the border in terms of getting a perishable commodity quickly to the customers in the EU.”

British fishermen across the country have angrily attacked Boris Johnson’s fishing deal and argued for greater control.

As the deal currently stands, the UK and EU will renegotiate fishing terms in 2026 as the next five years will act as a transitional period.

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