Lord Frost backs Boris Johnson despite quitting his Brexit role

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In his first interview since his bombshell resignation, the Conservative peer expressed his “huge admiration” for what the Prime Minister has done in ensuring Britain left the EU. Lord Frost told Sky News his resignation was not about leadership, adding: “I’m absolutely confident this country has a great future under Boris Johnson’s leadership if we can get the policies right.”

The peer, who has led negotiations with the EU, quit on Saturday citing “the current direction of travel” of the Government, as well as fears over “coercive” Covid measures and the wish for the UK to become a “lightly regulated, low-tax” economy.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will now lead negotiations to resolve problems with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Lord Frost, left, added: “We have never disagreed in any way about Brexit policy.

“Right up to the last day, we’ve been absolutely aligned on that, and Liz Truss and Chris Heaton-Harris, I’m sure are going to do a great job.

“I left the Government because, as I think is well known, I couldn’t support certain policies ‑ most recently on Covid restrictions and Plan B.

“And if you’re a minister you have to support collective responsibility, you have to support decisions of the Government, and I couldn’t, so that’s why I had to leave.”

Ms Truss faces further pressure in her new role from the DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson who told the BBC it was time the Prime Minister acted unilaterally on the border row with Brussels.

He said: “It harms the Government’s position when you lose your chief negotiator in these circumstances and the Prime Minister needs to get to grips with this issue. We need to see a much sharper focus now on getting this sorted out.”

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