‘Just look at yourself!’ Russian ambassador blasts Boris Johnson in swipe at UK democracy

Russian ambassador lectures Boris Johnson in swipe at UK democracy

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Andrei Kelin, the Russian Ambassador to the UK, has slammed Boris Johnson and the UK Government for giving Russia lectures on democracy amid the partygate scandal. It comes as The Prime Minister backed US President Joe Biden’s threats to impose severe sanctions on Moscow, should Russia invade Ukraine. 

Mr Kelin told RT: “I think that he is supposed to speak on all these issues.

“But this is our opposition it has….just look at yourself.

“There are lots of domestic problems in the United Kingdom also with democracy of course.

“On the other hand, I still cannot understand how normal democracy…normal democracy means stable powers.”

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“Is it so easy to topple the government here, the Prime Minister, because democracy should not work like that.

“Democracy should the suit provide stable conditions for the government to work, but not every time to change people every time to defend against these scandals.

“This type of democracy I don’t believe that it’s very suitable for the other countries.”

The RT presenter asked the ambassador: “The UK of course, calling for diplomacy based dialogue but at the same time, sending more troops to Poland. What’s your take on that?”

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Mr Kelin replied: “Sending more troops to the countries which is so-called new members of NATO is prohibited by the founding agreements between Russia and NATO by the Founding Act, dated 1997.

“Which does not allow adherence of nuclear weapons and major troops on the territory of new countries.

“Now, they are increasing troops in the Baltics and in Poland and this will lead us to the destruction of the last war, the last agreement that is restraining this type of active military activities.”

It comes as British police said on Wednesday they were reviewing a decision not to investigate a gathering held in Mr Johnson’s Downing Street office during Covid lockdowns after a new photograph emerged of the event.

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The Mirror published a new picture on Wednesday of the gathering, which showed Johnson stood by two members of staff, one who is wearing tinsel around his neck, next to an open bottle of champagne.

London’s Metropolitan Police said they had previously assessed the event and decided that it did not meet the threshold for criminal investigation.

“That assessment is now being reviewed,” a spokesperson said.

Mr Johnson has apologised for the conduct and vowed to change the culture at Downing Street.

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