Joe Biden and Boris Johnson ‘in touch’ to discuss prospects of ‘exciting’ new alliance

Joe Biden has ‘been in touch’ with Boris Johnson says Patel

Priti Patel told Sky News that the President-elect and the UK Prime Minister have outlined a pathway for both strong democratic nations to work together throughout 2021. Joe Biden is set to replace Donald Trump today but the outgoing President will not attend the inauguration. 

Ms Patel said: “We move on now, there is an incoming President.

“Our Prime Minister has rightly so been in touch with President-elect Joe Biden.

“We have got an exciting agenda as two strong democratic countries are coming together and will be working together on a range of issues as we go into this year.

“For us, it is very much businesses as usual with a new team at this very exciting time with this big handover.”

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She added: “It is a moment of change with a new administration coming in and as you would expect the British Government looks forward to working with President Joe Biden on a whole range of issues.

“There is a lot going on in the world right now and it is important that our two nations come together and show global leadership that both the US and the UK will always step up and do.”

However, Professor Charles A. Kupchan told that President-elect Biden wants to use the UK’s power to bully China on trade.

He said: “I’m not expecting to see the Biden administration put a lot of energy behind trade liberalisation in year one.

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“Maybe with the exception of China, and so I think the UK can expect the US to appeal to London, to stand shoulder to shoulder with it in pushing China on the trade front.

“This could include China opening its markets, the repatriation of sensitive supply lines or getting Huawei out of Western markets.”

Professor Kupchan also discussed the possibility of future trade talks between the European Union and the US.


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The expert in international affairs stated the trade talks between the EU and US in recent years could serve as a warning for the UK,

He said: “If you look back to trade negotiations between the EU and US, those talks were difficult because Transatlantic trade is already pretty open.

“There were difficult nuts to crack, and now the UK has less leverage outside of the EU than it did when it was in the EU because a market of the EU’s size is a more formidable proposition.

“A US-UK trade deal is possible, but at the time the likelihood of one is low.”

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