‘It’s a pandemic!’ Row erupts as Gina Miller blames Brexiteers for ‘shortages’

Brexit: Daubney and Miller clash on shortages during pandemic

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Speaking to LBC’s cross questions, Ms Miller said shortages in food, workers and other provisions seen over the last few months in Britain have been fuelled by Brexit as she slammed Brexiteers for their decision to Leave the European Union. But her comment sparked fury from head of the Reclaim Party and Brexiteer Martin Daubney who questioned Ms Miller’s logic, as he demanded she consider the impact the pandemic has had on UK supply chains.

Responding to Mr Daubney who said Britain had relinquished itself from “fracture lines” in the EU following Brexit, Ms Miller hit back claiming there have been huge impacts as a result of Britain’s decision to leave.

She said: “Did you say all the other things that are happening, would happen?

“All the shortages of staff, and the fact that all these sectors are actually really struggling?”

Mr Daubney insisted those same shortages seen in the UK have been seen in Germany.

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He slammed: “Is that because of Brexit? They have them in America, is that because of Brexit? 

Ms Miller lashed back: “Actually we don’t have the sort of staff shortages that we have in the UK across most sectors.”

But the Brexiteer responded: “Theres was a thing called the pandemic which happened! A lot of people went back to where they were born.”

However Ms Miller appeared to disagree as she noted “well that is nit actually quite true”.

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