‘He needs to give up!’ Swing voters brutally tear down Starmer amid calls to step down

Labour: Caller says someone must 'unite the party'

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Swing voters in a Times Radio focus group were asked what they would message do they want to send to the Labour leader. Sir Keir Starmer, who is the 21st most popular Labour politician on YouGov, has faced dwindling support since taking over from Jeremy Corbyn. On the radio show, voter Sarah said: “He needs to give up the ghost and make way for somebody else.”

While Desmond added: “Get a personality or leave.”

Vic chimed in suggested Sir Keir “needs to go”.

Vicky said: “I think if he could come across a little bit more genuine and maybe find a different role.”

John and Gary called on the leader to stand down and let someone take over.

Sir Keir faced chants of “shame” and calls for Labour’s leadership to support a £15 minimum wage during his first in-person conference speech last month.

Critics held up red cards in protest as Sir Keir delivered his speech, but the Labour leader hit back and asked whether the detractors were “shouting slogans, or changing lives”.

He said: “At this time on a Wednesday it’s normally the Tories that are heckling me, it doesn’t bother me then, and it doesn’t bother me now.”

And he was greeted with applause when he challenged hecklers.

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Sir Keir was heckled on the £15 minimum wage as he paid tribute to the NHS workers who cared for his mother and those working throughout the pandemic.

Shouts were heard of “throw them out”, and were met with sustained supportive applause for the Labour leader.

A heckle of “it was your Brexit policy” could be heard as Sir Keir spoke of a serious plan for Government.

But after being interrupted again, he replied: “You can chant all day,” before being applauded by the audience.


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Party activist Carole Vincent, from the Leyton and Wanstead constituency in east London, said she expected to be thrown out of the party for heckling the leader – and added she did not expect Sir Keir to survive in post until the next conference either.

She told the PA news agency: “I don’t consider it to be heckling, I consider that I stood up and spoke out because it needed to be said.

“He had ignored – and this conference has ignored – people that have been standing up and asking for him to guarantee the 15% rise for the NHS, a £15 minimum wage.

“You can’t live in many major cities – not just London but other cities – on the wages that people get.”

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