‘Got to stand up!’ Jersey fisherman erupts at ‘pathetic’ limit favouring French vessels

Jersey: Fisherman says ‘the situation is biased’

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Jersey has seen tensions mounts between British and French fishermen over fishing rights after Brexit. A sharp escalation last week saw vessels from France mount an attempted blockade of the island’s main port. Following talks aimed at defusing the row, fishermen on Jersey have claimed that “everything is in favour of French fishermen,” as they slammed a three-mile fishing limit placed on Jersey registered trawlers.

Louis Jackson told Ruptly: “The situation is it is totally biased everything is in favour of the French fishermen and nothing is in favour of the Jersey fishermen.

“We are stuck with our pathetic three-mile limit.

“The only place in the world that might actually have a three-mile fishing limit.

“Which is ridiculous in itself.”

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He continued: “I mean France has a six-mile fishing limit and more.

“The minimum France has is a six-mile fishing limit but we are only allowed to have three.

“Kind of doesn’t make sense doesn’t really seem very fair.”

The seafood wholesaler also said French authorities were stopping Jersey fishermen from offloading their shellfish catches.

Jersey: French fishermen ‘taking fight to UK’ says expert

Mr Jackson said: “Stopping people going from here to France to offload shellfish catches to French merchants.

“Stopping this stopping that they are very good at that though.

“That is obviously their tactical way but I think just for once you have to stand up.

He described the row as like “David and Goliath” but added: “For once you have to stand up and be counted.”

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Elsewhere another fisherman told Ruplty if the Royal Navy had not arrived on the scene last week to calm the situation, french fishermen may have succeeded in blockading the port.

He described the French fishermen as “very militant.”

The trawlerman said: “I did wonder when they started would they blockade the harbour.

“Which I think the had the Royal Navy not turned up maybe that might well have done.

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