‘Get off the bus!’ Galloway clashes with Channel 4 reporter as interview ends awkwardly

George Galloway: More people voted for Brexit than the SNP

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Channel 4 reporter Liz Bates spoke with Workers’ Party of Britain leader George Galloway about his campaign ahead of the Batley and Spen by-election. But things took an awkward turn when George Galloway was asked his opinions on “intimidating tactics” allegedly being used by his supporters against his political rivals. Mr Galloway was offended at the questioning, stating his interview was full of “personal attacks” before wrapping up and telling the journalists to leave his campaign bus. 

Speaking on Channel 4 News, Ms Bates brought up reports that supporters of Mr Galloway were engaged in intimidation.

The sit-down was held before video footage of Labour candidate Kim Leadbeater went viral which showed a group of men heckling and chasing her. 

Mr Galloway condemned the video stating the people involved had nothing to do with him. 

Ms Bates asked: “We’ve been speaking to Labour people today who say that your campaign tactics are, how to put this, unpleasant, intimidating, thuggish, is the way people have said.”

Mr Galloway quickly retorted: “They would say that, as the Mail on Sunday put it, Dan Hodges, all strategists agree that Galloway is eating Labour alive.

“So what do you expect them to do, throw flowers at me?”

Later on, Ms Bates brought up the tactics and asked whether Mr Galloway would condemn them.

He said: “I’ve got no evidence of that but if there are such messages they didn’t come from me or my or my campaign.

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“Do you want to know anything about what’s happening here?”

Ms Bates said she was attempting to get to the bottom of the allegations to which Mr Galloways wondered if anyone went on camera to state them. 

The reporter said they did not as they felt intimidated to which the Scottish politician dismissed the validity of her claims.

Ms Bates asked if the interview should end which Mr Galloway gladly obliged and told her team to get off the bus. 

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Mr Galloway was then heard saying: “Even by Channel 4 standards, that was a poor interview.”

Mr Galloway spoke to Express.co.uk and forecast Labour will end up third as he believes there are not many Labour supporters in the constituency. 

He said: “I’m talking about an extremely low vote. Not quite as bad as what Labour achieved in the recent Chesham and Amersham by-election, but not much better.

“Therefore, it is between myself and the Conservatives and I’m absolutely sure we will be first or second.”

The politician enjoys strong support from the Muslim community which makes up 20 percent of Batley and Spen voters. 

A Survation poll puts Mr Galloway with 6 percent of the vote with Labour on 41 percent and the Conservatives on 46 percent. 

Political pundits believe Mr Galloway’s split of the Labour vote will be enough to give the Conservatives the seat. 

Mr Galloway also ran in the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May on a pro-union manifesto but failed to secure any seats.

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