G20 summit LIVE: Boris to pull rug from under Macron in high-stakes clash TODAY

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On route to the summit in Rome, the Prime Minister attempted to soothe relations between the two nations saying he would remind French President Emmanuel Macron of the “ties that unite us” but told reporters the UK “will do whatever is necessary” to protect its interests.

World leaders will discuss climate change, relaunching the global economy, and covid vaccines at the first in-person gathering since the pandemic. 

Pressure is building over the two-day talks to make headway for the COP26 summit in Glasgow next week. 


Macron welcomes Biden

President Biden will also be in attendance at the summit to urge major energy producers with spare capacity to boost production to ensure a stronger global economic recovery. 

Biden and other group of 20 leaders are slated to discuss efforts to end the COVID-19 pandemic and agree on a new task force to improve coordination and planning to prevent the next one.

They also expect to endorse an agreement backed by more than 130 countries to establish a new global minimum tax.

‘Things can go wrong at extraordinary speed’, says Boris Johnson

Speaking to reporters on his flight into the Italian capital, Mr Johnson said the fall of the Roman Empire showed how quickly civilisations could collapse if they failed to address fundamental issues.

“When things start to go wrong, they can go wrong at extraordinary speed,” he said.

“Unless we get this right in tackling climate change we could see our civilisation, our world, also go backwards.

“We could consign future generations to a life far less agreeable than our own.”

He added that there is “absolutely no question” leaders should step up and act on climate change. 

Leaders need ‘more ambition and more action’

On Friday the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned G20 leaders to show “more ambition and more action” and overcome mistrust in order to advance climate goals.

He added that the summit “is the opportunity to do that”.

Absent from the G20 will be Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping, who plan to attend by video link.

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