Do what we b****y well like! Britons rally behind Truss in challenge to EU

Liz Truss' allies calling for bid to take over from Prime Minister

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The reaction comes as Lord David Frost resigned from his post as Brexit negotiator, and Ms Truss stepped in to complete the ongoing negotiations with the EU over Northern Ireland. Voicing her concerns over the appointment, EU Financial Services Commissioner Mairead McGuinness said: “I would hope that the mood will be towards compromise and problem solving, not Conservative Party politics, which I’m afraid takes the eye off the real issues, and will drag out this into next year, which is not good for Northern Ireland. If people in London are of the view that there will be no compromise, then there will be no progress and that’s untenable.” Mrs McGuinness called on Mr Johnson to resist pressure to choose a hardliner as Frost’s replacement.

Venting their frustration at the EU, readers reminded the bloc exactly where Britain stood on the issue.

“ByGeorge” said: “We are free and we can do what we bl***y well like.”

“The TaxLady” also pointed out a similar argument saying: “We want a hardliner, we never wanted a deal!”

This was backed up by “Sue1976” who also said: “The EU still don’t get it. The UK has left but they still think it their right to dictate to us.”

She added: “We are no longer part of the EU, we will do as we see fit!”
Suggesting that Ms Truss is the right choice, “Pino72U” said: “It has to be a hardliner. This whole long drawn out episode with Article 16 has got to be put to bed. The EU want an easy ride with a softie.”

“Nickbflair” said: “Liz Truss needs to tell them straight away we will leave with No Deal and the European Court of Judgement will become completely Void in Great Britain.”

He added: “And she should tell the new lady Mairead Mcguinness that she is not in charge with who is Brexit Minister in Britain.”

Suggesting how Ms Truss moves forward, “Stephen West” said: “The replacement must be strong and I hope Liz Truss will adopt a Thatcherite approach with such an awful outfit as the EU.”

Others added their own views as to who should have replaced Lord Frost.
“Bumpy Grollix” said: “Replacing Frost with a committed Brexiter is precisely what WE MUST DO or we throw away any advantage of leaving the EU.”

While several people supported another potential candidate, before knowing that Ms Truss had taken the job.

“Captain Hurricane” said: “Elevate Nigel Farage to the Lords and make him Brexit Secretary. Job done!”

With “Duderuffian” saying: “The British Government will appoint whomever they wish, Farage being the best possible candidate.”

And “Itsonlyme44” saying: “Nigel Farage would be the EU’s worse nightmare as the Brexit negotiator.”

Summing up the selection, and suggesting there are more issues ahead, “Platform3” said: “Well we got Liz Truss and though I think she has done well in trade, this job calls for somebody in the Nigel Farage mould.”

They added: “The real shame is that even if Nigel himself was appointed he wouldn’t do any better than Frosty because our esteemed spineless PM would tie his hands and gag him.”

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Ms Truss’s task will now be to avoid a trade war by reaching a deal with Brussels on the vexed Northern Ireland Protocol, while keeping an increasingly unhappy but influential Euroskeptic wing of her ruling Conservative Party on board.

According to one commentator, the future now requires some delicate relation-building by Ms Truss within the Conservative Party.

Mujtaba Rahman is, head of Eurasia Group’s Europe Practice said: “Truss doesn’t just need the support of the Euroskeptics alone, she also needs the majority of Tory MPs who wouldn’t forgive her if she triggers a trade war.”

He added: “There are signs that Johnson does not want to pursue Frost’s demand to remove the European Court of Justice from its role in disputes over the protocol as well.”

On having Ms Truss lead the negotiations, Mr Rahman ended: “As foreign secretary, she oversees an institution that instinctively prefers deals over conflict. Her civil servants will be advising her that in the post-Brexit world, it is better for Britain to have friendly relations with the EU rather than not.”

Moving the role of Brexit negotiator to the Foreign Office will be seen as a wise move by some critics of Lord Frost who felt too much power was held in one individual’s hands.

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