Corbyn attacked after penning ‘wish list’ parting swipe to Boris with coronavirus demands

Mr Corbyn, who is to step down as leader of the Labour Party, has urged Boris Johnson to listen to his suggestions to combat the deadly disease in the UK. In his letter, Mr Corbyn has demanded more personal protective equipment for NHS workers, alongside increased testing to protect the public. He said: “The test for our society is whether we come through this strengthened, with greater solidarity forged in the heat of a crisis; or whether we emerge diminished.”

Mr Corbyn outlined six key demands the Labour Party wish to see enacted in the coming weeks.

These are:

  • Full PPE now for health and social care workers
  • Test, test, test
  • Expand social care
  • Enforce social distancing and protection
  • Bolster support for workers
  • Lead a global response.

Mr Corbyn also expressed his worry regarding the capabilities of the social care system.

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He highlighted a shortage of staff pre-dating the coronavirus, and asked the Prime Minister to request retired care workers return to the profession.

The MP for Islington North also asked for the non-essential workplace closure requirement to extend to construction, factories and warehouses.

He added: “It makes no sense for some mass workplaces to be shut down and others to be operating if the work is non-essential.”

However, some social media users were incensed at the outgoing Labour leader’s demands.

And some lambasted Mr Corbyn for not laying out a plan at all.

One social media user wrote: “There is no plan! Constantly demanding is not a plan.

“Do you really think the government is deliberately withholding equipment?

“If you want to help, join forces and actually contribute to a plan. Rather than sitting on your hands and waiting for failure.”

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Another said: “PLEASEEEE…. Jeremy NOT ANOTHER letter!!

“Anything, but not another one!”

And a third wrote: “You’re beyond irritating!

“The last thing we need is a constantly stream of drivel from this has been.”

In his letter, Mr Corbyn cited proposals from Gordon Brown which coordinate global efforts to fight back against coronavirus.

He advised the Prime Minister to commit to these proposals which include establishing a G20 taskforce; an early European pledging conference to increase WHO funding; and using the World Bank Development Committee to announce more support for developing countries.

The Labour leader also took the time to wish the Prime Minister well after a diagnosis of COVID-19 last week.

However, he also stated a change in approach was necessary going forward.

Mr Corbyn concluded: “The coronavirus crisis is highlighting the extent of our dependence on each other and the many ties of mutual aid that, woven together, make up the fabric of society.

“We can emerge from this crisis with that fabric strengthened – but it requires a recognition that we can no longer tolerated the inequality and insecurity that has left all of us weaker than we should have been in the face of this pandemic.”

Mr Corbyn will depart as Labour leader on April 4.

Voting for the Labour leadership closes on April 2.

Sir Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy or Rebecca Long-Bailey will become Mr Corbyn’s successor.

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