Brexiteer slaps down Lib Dem over tweet fuming about ‘spending millions’ on ‘propaganda’

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Sir Ed retweeted an article which reported that the Government is launching a multi-million pound “Get Ready for Brexit” campaign, with the acting Lib Dem leader blasting the cost. But Mr Daubney hit back at the Remainer insisting he is “happy” for Britain to contribute to the EU.

The former Brexit Party MEP said: “Ed Davey is bleating on about “spending millions” on “get ready for Brexit” advertising Yet he is happy for the U.K. to give away £1billion every month to the EU.”

In his tweet, Sir Ed questioned why the Brexit campaign was needed and its cost.

The acting Lib Dem leader said: “Why would we need to ‘get ready for Brexit’ if you had already got Brexit done?

“And why would we want to spend millions of pounds on a propaganda campaign when we could give that money to people who have received no government help? #ExcludedUK.”

Some of Mr Daubney’s followers were quick to agree with him.

One commented: “Remoaners only ever talk about money. That’s probably why they lost.”

Another said: “Is it because he still cannot accept that we are leaving.”

But others sided with Sir Ed, with one saying: “We’ve already spent more on Brexit than we have on 47 years of EU membership.”

The Twitter row comes as trade talks between the UK and the EU are making little progress.

Britain formally left the bloc on January 31 and is in a transition period until the end of the year.

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EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier travelled to London this week for “informal” talks with his UK counterpart David Frost.

But following the discussions, Mr Barnier said “significant divergences remain” between the two sides.

The EU’s chief negotiator took part in a round of meetings on Wednesday after dinner in Number 10 on Tuesday night with Mr Frost.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the Downing Street dinner had provided a “constructive opportunity for David Frost and Michel Barnier to meet in a more informal way ahead of the specialised sessions”.

The spokesman said the pair had been keen to discuss “goods and services, fisheries, governance, the level-playing field and law enforcement” while Mr Barnier was in London.

Mr Johnson’s Europe adviser is set to travel to Brussels for further talks next week before formal negotiations resume in London.

The Prime Minister has insisted he will not allow trade talks to drag into the autumn.

If the two sides are unable to strike a deal by the end of the year it will mean Britain leaving the single market and the customs union without any agreement on future access.

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