Brexit LIVE: Boris sparks fishing fury as EU vessels ‘dominate UK waters’ despite withdraw

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The Government has not done enough to prevent EU ‘supertrawlers’ from dominating British seas, according to Jayne Adye, Director of grassroots, cross-party campaign Get Britain Out. She said: “The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and George ‘Useless’ Eustice have shown they appear to have no interest in defending the rights and livelihoods of UK fishermen. Despite our exit from the EU, the status quo of EU vessels dominating our waters continues.”


Boris Johnson should pivot to fishing rights to save career, says campaigner

Boris Johnson should pivot from his current “Red Meat” policies to fishing rights if he wants to protect his career, according to campaigner Jayne Adye. 

Ms Adye, Director of grassroots, cross-Party campaign Get Britain Out, said: “I can assure the Prime Minister, his reputation in the former Red Wall – as well as around the country – would be far higher if he and his Government were to actually address key elements of Brexit which are yet to be resolved.

“He simply cannot pretend Brexit is ‘Done’ and hope we all forget about it!

“These attempts by Government to paper over cracks may succeed in the short-term with the low-hanging fruit of the BBC Licence fee an easy option.

“However, if Brexit does remain unresolved, the long-term impact will be substantial.

“This will impact not just the Prime Minister’s legacy, but the entire country, as trust in politicians and the political system wanes further.”

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